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Q: Is your cafe dog-friendly?

A: Yes, PawStory is a dog-friendly establishment!

Q: Are cats also allowed?

A: Unfortunately, due to health & food safety regulations in Ontario, cats and other animals (other than dogs) are no longer allowed on the cafe premises.

On the other hand, to accommodate our feline friends, we will be organizing reservation-only cat-friendly days. During these specific days, customers are welcome to bring their cats without concerns about other pets being present. This way, both cats and their owners can have a peaceful and enjoyable experience at our cafe. We hope this arrangement allows all of our customers, regardless of their preferred pets, to have a pleasant time in our pet-friendly environment.

Q: Why is there an admission fee for dogs?

A: We charge an admission fee for dogs to help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our patrons. The fee allows us to implement special amenities and services specifically designed for our furry visitors. This includes proper cleaning and sanitization to ensure a hygienic space for both humans and pets. Additionally, the fee assists in covering the cost of facilities and equipment that enhance the overall experience, such as designated play areas and dog-friendly toys. By charging an admission fee, we can provide a pet-friendly cafe that prioritizes the well-being and comfort of every guest, including our four-legged friends.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the breeds or sizes of dogs allowed?

A: No, all breeds and sizes of dogs are welcome at our cafe.

Q: Can I bring my dog even if they are not well socialized?

A: While we welcome dogs of all temperaments, it is important for dog owners to keep in mind that their dog’s behavior may affect the experience of other customers. If your dog tends to be aggressive or uncomfortable around other dogs or people, it may be best to keep them in more controlled settings. Additionally, please ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated and spayed before visiting our cafe.

Q: Are there designated off leash areas in the cafe?

A: Yes, we have designated off leash areas where furry friends can roam and play freely.

Q: Do I need to keep an eye on my pet at all times?

A: Yes, it is important for all pet owners to keep a close eye on their pets to ensure their safety and the comfort of other customers. We are not responsible for the pets in our establishment. Pet owners are solely responsible for the behavior and well-being of their pets.

Q: Do you provide any amenities or services for my pet?

A: Yes, we offer water bowls, dog treats and meals, and sometimes even special pet-themed events. There are also cat towers in the upstairs area, as well as litter boxes provided for your convenience on Cat Days.

Q: Can I bring my pet’s favorite toys or snacks?

A: Absolutely! We encourage pet owners to bring their pet’s favorite toys or snacks to keep them entertained during their visit.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of pets I can bring?

A: We do not have a strict limit on the number of pets a person can bring, but we kindly ask that you consider the space available and the comfort of other customers.

Q: Are children allowed in the pet-friendly areas?

A: Yes, children are allowed in the pet-friendly areas if accompanied by an adult.

Q: Are there any rules regarding cleaning up after my pet?

A: Yes, all pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets promptly. We provide dedicated waste disposal bins and bags for your convenience.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks for myself and my pet?

A: We kindly ask that you support our cafe by purchasing food and drinks from our menu. However, you are welcome to bring treats or special meals for your pet.

Q: Can I leave my pet unattended while I go to the restroom or run a quick errand?

A: It is strongly recommended that you do not leave your pet unattended in the cafe, even for a short time. They may feel anxious or upset in unfamiliar surroundings without their owner present.

Q: What should I do if my pet becomes aggressive or behaves inappropriately?

A: If your pet displays aggressive behavior or acts inappropriately, we kindly ask that you remove them from the pet-friendly areas immediately. Safety and comfort for everyone in the cafe are our top priority.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines or codes of conduct that I need to be aware of?

A: Yes, please see our waiver form.